1. It is recommended to use “Chrome” browser to do this registration process
  2. Make sure you have filled in the online form correctly
  3. Select the workshops, symposiums and accommodations (optional) that you will choose.
  4. If you are already registered as a member of the APHN, make sure you have obtained a discount code and attached it in the available column.
  5. The total number of transactions will be accumulated in the TOTAL AMOUNT column at the bottom of the form.
  6. Continue your transaction by push the “Registration” button
  7. You will receive a registration confirmation through the registered email account. If you do not receive e-mail, check your spam folder or your junk mail folder
  8. Go to the payment page via the “Payment Confirmation” button in your email message. You will receive information on the details of the transaction that you have made.
  9. Once you are sure, press the “Payment” button, you will be connected to the payment form. Fill in your credit card data correctly (Card Number, Expired & CCV). Also fill in the amount to be paid. Then press the “Pay” button.
  10. If your payment is received, you will have an e-receipt and registration note through a registered email account.


  • This transaction is only valid for credit cards.
  • If you found some difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact the registration officer via email:


  • Equivalent currency USD 1 = IDR 15.500,-. (This equivalency is to anticipate of exchange rate fluctuation)
  • Administration fees applicable to this transaction
  • Rate available ONLY to participants residing in countries listed as “Low” and “Lower middle” income by the World Bank. Please find the criteria of “low” and “low midle” income through World Bank website. (World Bank Country and Lending Groups)
  • For participants who wish to register by offline process, please download the form below and follow the offline registration instructions listed on the form.


Written cancellation notice is required. Cancellation must be received before May 1st 2019 a 50% refund will be returned after congress ended. No refund will be allowed thereafter.